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Property inventory services on the Isle of Wight

Wightype Ltd provide full property inventories for both unfurnished and furnished properties throughout the Isle of Wight.

Available to both private landlords and letting agents, we are able to offer detailed inventories for all domestic property types.

Wightype Ltd carry out comprehensive inventories prior to a perspective tenant moving into the property. Our service will include detailed descriptions of each room, furniture descriptions, appliance descriptions and full colour digital photographs of each room.

The same process can also be carried out when your tenant vacates the property.

Our inventory service includes:

  • Highly detailed property inventories
  • Detailed room descriptions
  • Furniture descriptions and condition reports
  • Appliance description and condition reports
  • Colour digital photographs
  • Inventory updates
  • Tenancy check in reports
  • Tenancy check out reports

Wightype Ltd offer detailed property inventories complete with colour digital photographs.

Are you a landlord looking for a detailed property inventory service? If so, call Wightype Ltd today on 07989 374 974